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List Down Various Uses Of Sodium Tripolyphosphate-STPP

List Down Various Uses Of Sodium Tripolyphosphate-STPP

Sodium tripolyphosphate is one of the common inorganic chemical compounds, denoted as Na5P3O10. It is a white powder and comes in an anhydrous form as well as a hexahydrate form. It has an extensive range of applications, but it is commonly used in the detergent industry. It bonds powerfully to the metal as a bidentate and tridentate chelating agent. While it is used extensively, there are concerns raised in the widespread use as a detergent, as it mains to eutrophication.

Manufacturing Process of SSTP:

STPP is manufactured in two ways:

Molecular dehydration of mono and di-sodium phosphates:

2Na2HPO4 + NaH2PO4 → Na5P3O10 + 2H2O

By this chemical reaction, 2 million tonnes of SSTP is produced, various best sodium tripolyphosphate suppliers supply thousands of this chemical annually.

Measured calcination of sodium orthophosphate combination from sodium carbonate and  phosphoric acid

Sodium tripolyphosphate is also recognized as sodium triphosphate, Penta-sodium tripolyphosphate, or Penta-sodium triphosphate. The best sodium tripolyphosphate suppliers are widely known in applications like cleaning products and food preservatives, and water treatment facilities. Among its numerous uses,

A Powerful Cleaning Agent

Sodium triphosphate is a vital cleaning ingredient that typically can rid dishes and fabrics of spots and soil. Numerous household cleaning products, counting surface cleaners, and toilet cleaners contain sodium tripolyphosphate due to its cleaning component. Its essential function is that it permits surfactants to work at their full potential. Moreover, it prevents the deposition of soil and acts as a pH buffer. Hence, most chemical plants make the chemical list “detergents” as the primary chemical use. It softens detergent and can be used as water treatment, as well.

Food Additive

The usages of sodium triphosphate include using it as a preservative. It is done by refining the water-holding ability of animal products and consequently slowing down the drying process. The best Sodium tripolyphosphate suppliers provide a fresh appearance to meat and seafood whereas slowing down spoilage. STPP also treats Pet food and animal feed, serving the same general purpose in human nutrition. STPP has also been used to preserve the quality of drinks like milk and fruit juices.

Other Uses

There are several other uses of sodium triphosphate, as well. It is used in the paint like a pigment dispersant. Tiles use it to help disperse clay, and paper mills practice it as an oil-resistant agent while coating paper. The latter application is made possible by the pH buffering ability. It means that it can “soften” acidic water by neutralizing its ability to acidity. This quality of SSTP is one of the reasons it is added to detergents. The toothpaste manufacturers also contact the best sodium tripolyphosphate suppliers. It is additive in toothpaste due to its cleaning action.


STPP is not specially designed to be ingested or directly inhaled by human beings or by animals. If STPP comes into contact with skin, it swells your skin. If unfortunately, eye contact is made, it is essential to flush the eyes immediately. Direct sunlight and damp areas generally should be avoided.



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